About KINterested

About Me

Hi! I’m Adrienne and I’m addicted to genealogy. (To say I’m KINterested makes it sound more acceptable, but let’s be honest here.) I’ve been researching my family history for over 10 years now and started this blog as a way to share the stories, pictures, memories, recipes and more that I come across with my extended family and friends.

I’m an educator by training and nature, and my background is in African American history. When I’m not researching (and not working) I’m probably reading a good book, playing in the kitchen, spending time with family and friends, or – hopefully – traveling or hanging out in the great outdoors. Either way, I’m probably drinking tea. 

My Research In A Nutshell

I am researching the:

  • Cooper and Thomas families in and around Burke County, GA

  • Shepherd and Kilson families in and around Salem County, NJ, Delaware, and Washington, DC

  • Reid and Watkins families in and around Calvert County, Maryland and Washington, DC

  • Allen and Ellis families in and around Orange County, VA, Salem County, NJ, and Washington, DC

  • Evans, Harris, Jackson and Johnson families in and around Jefferson and Montgomery Counties in AL, Belmont and Jefferson Counties in OH, and also West Virginia along the Ohio River Valley

  • West family in and around Belmont and Jefferson Counties in OH

  • Whaley family in Ohio and West Virginia (possibly/hopefully)