Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A New Adventure!

I never remember to take a photo of the whole cake!

It’s been a little quiet over here! But I promise it’s been for a good reason. See, I’ve done something a little crazy: at the beginning of August, I announced that I was quitting my job at the end of the month, to start 6 months to a year of chasing my passions, travel and genealogy. (I’m! So! Excited!)

It’s an idea I’d been playing with, dreaming about, and then finally acting on, for over a year. Why not do this now, when I’m young, healthy, single, and have no kids, pets or a mortgage? Why wait until I’m retired to do the things I really want to do? Especially since there’s no guarantee I’ll be healthy then, or even able to retire at all! So, I’m taking some time for myself right now!

Updated, thanks to my (former) colleagues, who are (still) awesome and made sure I got a picture of the WHOLE cake. Thanks y'all!

I’ll be blogging about my travels and other interesting experiences over at A Runs Away, starting with a month-long trip to Europe at the end of this month. And with all the time I’ll now have to do genealogy research, I’ll be adding lots to this blog as well!

Fam, I’m super excited to have this opportunity to learn more about our history and dig deeper into our roots, and to be able to share what I’m learning with you all! If I call you up and ask if I can interview you / look at your photo albums / sleep on your sofa, I hope you’ll say yes! Stay tuned :)

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