Sunday, January 24, 2016

Digging Into My Southern Roots

I’ve mentioned in a few previous posts that I’m currently taking a year away from work to chase a couple of my passions, namely travel and family history research. And you've probably seen sprinkled here and there recently a mention of the fact that I was moving to New Orleans. Well, I’m super excited that as of last week, I am officially in The Big Easy and will be making this my home for the next few months. And just as I was doing when I was back home in Philly, I’m taking advantage of geography in my quest for genealogical information.

Heretofore on this genealogical blogging journey, I’ve been focusing on my mom’s paternal lineage, particularly her father’s mother’s story. I’ll still be sharing stories related to Katherine Jane Sheppard/Shepherd’s life – there are lots to tell! But, while I’m down here, my plan is to dig into my southern roots and start telling some of those stories as well.

My maternal grandmother, Elnora Mae Cooper
On my mother’s side, this means I get to explore her maternal roots in more depth – my grandmother Elnora Mae Cooper came north to Washington, DC from Burke County, Georgia with her siblings and parents in the 1930s. I’ll also be many miles closer to a few of my mom’s siblings and will be able to interview them in person, which I’m really looking forward to.

My paternal great-grandmother, Beatrice Harris.
Happily, this move also means that I get to start sharing some stories from my father’s side of the family, too! His maternal roots trace back to Jefferson County, Alabama, where his grandmother Beatrice Harris and her sister Lillian Harris lived before moving north to Ohio and Illinois in the 1930s and 40s.

So, stay tuned family – if you haven’t been seeing your people on this blog yet, you will soon! And, of course, if you have been seeing your people, don’t worry, I’ll keep sharing! As always, thanks to you all for helping me learn about and share our family history.

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