Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A Break in the Silence!

It's been quiet over here, I know! But for good reason - I've been B-U-S-Y!

Raw oysters, served at a talk at the Southern Food & Beverage Museum.

First, I had to say my farewells to New Orleans, with more sightseeing and even more delicious food!

Rapids at Turkey Creek, in Jefferson County, AL.

Then I took a second trip out to Alabama to spend some time with my newly discovered cousins and explore the area my ancestors called home!

Next, I hopped over to sunny Fort Lauderdale, for a genealogy conference.

And now I'm back home in less-than-sunny (despite what a certain TV show would have you believe) Philadelphia, catching my breath.

It may actually be a little while longer until I dive back into posting, but not because I'm not thinking about genealogy. Actually, after my three days of sessions at the National Genealogical Society Family History Conference, I have genealogy fever! There was so much good information, so many resources shared, tips offered, and things demonstrated that I am still processing and have many materials to go through. So I'm going to spend a few days (at least) reading and catching up on tools and techniques before I dive back into my specific research.

However, I've got some specific ideas in mind that I will be researching and writing about once I dive back in to this side of things. For example:

  • Steve Evans / Theodore Johnson, I just can't quit you! My paternal great-grandfather may have had up to 13 brothers and sisters, but several of their names have been lost. Before I fully believe it, I need documentation! So, I'll be exploring that.
  • I'll also be exploring his life after Alabama - what did his world look like in Ohio and West Virginia?
  • And, of course, what was it like to be a black coal miner in Alabama, and to live in a coal mining town?
  • On my maternal side, my great-grandmother Katherine Sheppard/Shepherd married an actor. I've already found some fun info and will be digging for more!
  • What was life like in Washington, DC for my grandparents, Louis Shepherd and Elnora Cooper? What else can I find about his time in the CCC? What can I discover about her family's migration from Georgia?
  • Who is my granddaddy's daddy?? And where did his mother's people come from??
 So, bear with me and stay tuned - I'll be back to posting more regularly soon!

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