Friday, June 10, 2016

Photo Friday: Is This Samuel Kilson at Grant Street School?

At the end of Wednesday's post, I mentioned that it was possible one of the Kilson brothers was pictured in a 1922 photograph of students at the Grant Street School in Salem, NJ. Well, I had to follow up.

You can find the full picture here. I showed it to my mom and she thinks the boy in the lower right hand corner is Samuel Kilson, who would have been about 8 the year this photo was taken. Here's a side-by-side comparison using a photo that my Great-Grandmother Katherine Sheppard / Shepherd had of her cousin when she passed:

Photo on left cropped from, originally provided by Salem County Historical Society.

I'm also wondering about the boy in the upper left corner. What do YOU think?

We also scoured the image to see if anyone looked like Carl Kilson, who would have been about 9, but didn't see any strong options in the original photo. Here's what we used for comparison:

Again, what do YOU think?

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